Fast, Effective, Efficient

JCP recognises that its continued success relies heavily upon good relationships with its customers, together with the provision of a first class service. Therefore our commitment to you is to deliver a fast, effective, efficient and seamless provision of replacement jewellery and claim handling services to the Insured.


All JCP staff are well trained and equipped with the appropriate technical knowledge to manage customer interface, either by telephone or via householders visits. Most importantly, our staff endeavour to provide customers with suitable alternative replacement products. Our reputation in the industry stems from the fact that we continuously aim to provide complete customer satisfaction throughout all stages of the claims handling process

Integrity and Care

JCP carries out jewellery replacement services with the utmost integrity and all due care, sensitivity and consideration for the Insured, who is likely to be in a state of distress as a result of the loss of their jewellery items. Our policy is to ensure that each claim is speedily resolved with minimum disruption to the Insured, whilst delivering all agreed service levels.

Full Logging and Tracking

Our claims management system will ensure that each and every claim is logged and tracked. A report on the progress of any given claim is always available.

Accurate Assessment

Our experience suggests that 40 to 50 percent of claims require a visit to the customer's premises. This enables JCP to obtain maximum proof of the validity of claims as well as an accurate assessment of the value of individual items involved.

Detailed Claim Investigation

On receipt of a faxed or email claim notification from Insurers/Lose Adjusters, we will endeavour to contact the Insured within one hour of notification.

On receipt of any given claim, JCP will carry out a detailed claim investigation. Subject to the circumstances of the claim and the value, a visit to the customer's premises to inspect the product and interview the customer may be required. This will be subject to your approval.

Nationwide Network

On receipt of a faxed or email claim notification from Insurers/Lose Adjusters, we will endeavour to contact the Insured within one hour of notification.

JCP will provide the insured customer with a mutually convenient outlet for them to view replacement products. This is facilitated by having a nationwide network of over 1500 associated jewellers. JCP can provide each insured claimant with written details of three jewellers from which to choose their replacement jewellery.

Home Visits

If the Insured is in a remote area,JCP can arrange home visits.

Voucher System

JCP currently issues replacement release instructions instead of a voucher system.

Accommodation for Alternative Items

JCP understands that customers might prefer to select alternative items equivalent to the weight of the jewellery items originally claimed. This can be accommodated.

Fully Guaranteed

In the unlikely event that jewellery items supplied by JCP become defective due to faulty design, materials, or workmanship, JCP will promptly, and at its own expense, make good by replacing the item(s) or make a full refund of the replacement price. Carriage for the return of goods will be arranged at JCP's expense.

Complete Satisfaction

All jewellery supplied is British Hall Marked for the customer's complete satisfaction.