JCP Supply of 22ct/24ct Asian Gold including Claim Handling, Validation & Nationwide Replacement

Nationwide 22ct gold replacement service at source

Owing to the complexity and general lack of understanding of Asian 22ct and 24ct gold jewellery in the insurance industry Jewellery Claims Plc has established a network of experts to advise and supply 22ct gold jewellery at source from locations through the UK.

The People Behind the business

This network of specialist experts has been brought together by Jewellery Claims Plc , who have a in house team of well established Asian jewellers. Jewellery Claims Plc are well known to loss adjusters in their handling of jewellery insured loss claims and as valuers and suppliers of any piece of 22ct gold jewellery, modern or antique, made anywhere.

Benefits to the insurance industry

We aim to offer a professional loss management, appraisal, replacement quotations and supply of 22ct and 24ct gold jewellery at source. As well as being willing to supply parallel quotations as comparison, Jewellery Claims Plc are prepared to release jewellery against loss adjusters or insurance companies confirmation, thus ensuring prompt VIP customer service to the insured.

List of Languages

Jewellery Claims Plc In house claim validators are multi lingual whereby we can communicate with the policy holder in their mother tongue fir a better understanding and also to gather as much information as possible for validation purposes.

Our in house validators can communicate with policy holders in the following languages:

External Translators would be engaged by Jewellery Claims Plc should policy holder who do not speak any of the above language to ensure an full understanding of what has been lost and for validation purposes.

Our complete service comprises:

Benefits to the insured

We hold the largest collection of Oriental and Asian 22ct gold jewellery in the UK catering to ethnic communities from Punjab, Gujrat, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other regions of the Asia continent.